Monday, February 08, 2016

I'm over here

I've blogged (and just 3 months since the last one) but you will find it over here today: Handmade at Poshyarns Blog

I'm keen to blog more regularly but torn between the best location.  I know things need a good spring clean over here.  Hmm decisions, decisions.  So much for me to procrastinate over.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

When life ain't pretty

I am certainly guilty of posting pictures of my lunch.  Indeed my lunch and various coffee breaks often feature over on my Instagram feed and have certainly spawned whole blog posts and accompanying photo shoots back in the day.

And they will again.

I still get such joy from making my lunch look pretty and taking the time to enjoy it.  In fact for me, blogging and Instagram and once upon a time Flickr, are all about appreciating life's perfect little moments, both my own and those of the people I follow.  I don't mind when reality creeps in but I really enjoy the beautiful posts.  They make me feel thankful, relaxed and zen like.  

I am sure anyone reading is much too wise to think that the writer's live is one long photogenic story of joy but that doesn't mean it's wrong to celebrate the good bits.

Today I am eating last nights cold, shop bought pizza.  With coleslaw and cherry tomatoes.  Well I guess the cherry tomatoes are pretty, but the rest of it not so much.

I am eating it at a desk adorned in chaos and contemplating the fact that the removal men arrive in a few days and somehow all of the stuff we have needs to move from here to there.  It seems insurmountable.  And it's been grey and wet for days.

So I'm going to show you some pretty pictures I took earlier....  When the evenings were warm and the light was golden.  As I look at them I can still remember the smell of the freshly harvested field and the sound of the birds in the sky.  

I feel a bit more Zen already.


Monday, September 28, 2015

A moment

I'm well aware of the time that has lapsed since I last posted.  My best intentions failed miserably.  I guess it just was not the right time for me to find my way back.

However I'm a big fan of the saying "it's never too late" and right now I feel I want to record the moments of my days again.  Visual memories and the thoughts that go with them.

Not those quick phone snaps, which I do love but the very speed of them means perhaps I don't always take enough time to appreciate the lovely thing I'm pointing that darned phone right at.

The gentle September evening light deserves to properly enjoyed.  The action of dusting off my camera, moving the dish slightly and watching the light play across the table - it's meditative.  Moments like these should be bottled and placed in the pantry of the mind.  Stored for times of need.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Recording the moment

 So it's been a while.

Last night we had some sad news about a friend, someone whose smile and laughter we remember so clearly.  We hadn't seen him for several years but we can still pull from our memories so many shared moments.  Summer days in London parks, raucous evenings in noisy pubs, the strumming of a guitar and the mixtape he made us to take on our honeymoon.

It made me think of this space and how I missed recording life's moments.

The happy and the sad.

I floundered here.  As my business grew and the story of my days changed I lost my way to this space.  I was no longer sure what to write, I didn't want it all to be about work and my voice just stalled.  But now I think I would like to come back.

And record the moments, here and there.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On a Sunday

We went to Mersea.

It was Father's Day.  I've certainly been to more remote islands and dare I say, more beautiful ones.

But Mersea has merit.


It's a very short drive away and I do so love a causeway island, the thrill of driving along the narrow road as the water begins to rise.  The excitement of being cut off from the mainland.  Isolation so close to urbanity.  It's a wonderful feeling.

There are painted beach huts, the glitter and crunch of oyster shells galore and a the beach is dog friendly.

The highlight was stone skimming.

The Technical Advisor excelled himself and under his patient tutelage all three of us mastered the art.

We were mesmerised as the flat stones skipped across the water and for those few brief hours on Mersea we felt ourselves a thousand miles away.

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer food

This week has been entirely gorgeous, the sun has shone every day, the breeze blew warm and kind.

We have celebrated each of these heavenly days with food that tastes of summer.

We had chicken roasted with lemons and thyme, the oily juices dressing our salad leaves and the crisp sugar snap peas.

We ate warm gammon with new potatoes bathed in butter, mint and chives and wobbly mayonaise.

We had thick herby yoghurt with harissa spiced rice.

And of course this is Friday and Friday is wine night.  Tonight there will be cold, peachy wine and charcoal scented burgers.

I love summer food almost as much as I love summer sunshine.  Happy Friday to you all.


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Thursday, June 06, 2013

In a month

The bluebells came in a haze of blue and now are fading fast.  All is green and lush and Suffolk could hardly be more beautiful right now.


The wettest and coldest of Spring weeks ended in a glorious blaze of sunshine, just in time for our annual bank holiday "grown-ups versus children water fight".

A tradition that has become one of the highlights of our year.  This time around saw a whole new level of weaponry and cunning employed.  It's all in the planning.  Well, that and who has control of the hose of course.

And how do water fighting children entertain themselves at night?  With their very own gambling den of course.

I'm guessing that I hardly need add that grown-ups entertain themselves with wine, good food and laughter.  Of course, we had spin of the wheel too.



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